Enhanced Rewards Program

Project Details

This project was started as an enhancement to the current rewards program that had been put in place a little more than one year previously.

The Team

  • 1 UX architect
  • Stakeholders included: Sr Manager of Marketing, Sr Director of IT, VP of Marketing, VP of Sales, and the Company President

Activities and deliverables

  • Design Workshops
  • Customer Feedback
  • Task Flows
  • Prototype
  • Implementation Support

Project Samples


flow diagram showing improved premium membership enrollment

This flow demonstrates how the premium membership can be added to a cart along with items displaying the benefits of the program before checking out.



Home Screen for the points dashboard showing available points

The rewards program had grown significantly over the previous years and the goal was to double the membership in the coming year. This was a challenge as the reward programs had annual membership fees starting at $99 for qualified customers and otherwise were $199 or $299 for most other customers. As part of figuring out what I might do for the design, the team had gathered a lot of feedback from customers on the current rewards programs through surveys and customer support.

After reviewing the feedback, it had been decided to add in a lower tiered program that did not have as many benefits, but would instead introduce the ability to earn points on purchases. This also required a whole new section to be added to the rewards program so that customers could see their points total and then be able to choose items to redeem. At first, it seemed to me like there would only be a handful of items to choose for redemption, but after discussing with the Sr Marketing Manager it was clear that this would grow over time and could essentially be limitless.

Page for redeeming points for itemsThis also required a new way of indicating points on products in the rest of the site which could also have point multipliers as members shopped. I wanted the sign-up process to allow new people to add a membership to their cart as that way they could see the savings and points before paying. The previous sign-up was simply a payment authorization form within the My Account area. I created some quick flows to review with the team to get agreement with the concept. Initially I was not sure if the technical team would be able to do this, but after showing them the prototype they confirmed that it could be done.

Lessons Learned

Prior to launch it was expected that new people would go for the lower tiered program which had a starting price of $19.99. What the team saw after launch was actually a larger influx with the higher cost program. This was largely due to the fact that the higher cost program was discounted for the first year, which made it very attractive compared to the lower cost program. Enrollments grew 99% over the previous year, falling just shy of the aggressive growth goal of doubling the membership by only 1%. This was really a remarkable accomplishment considering that it was with customers signing up for the higher cost program.

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