Jim Lofton

Lead Product Designer & Researcher

Jim in front of Willis Tower

Hi, my name is Jim lofton and I’m a designer and researcher of web and mobile products. I created this site as a means to share what I have learned about digital product design and usability. Everyone is familiar with struggling to use a website or application because of usability issues. However, over the years, I have also found that you can make something easy to use, but have it go unused because it is not actually needed.

I am a formally trained designer/researcher with a Masters in Human Computer Interaction and a BA in graphic design, along with 15+ years of experience. This gives me an eye for creative, a mind for technical, and a heart with empathy towards people who struggle with using digital interfaces to get work done. Aside from the skills and experience I have in research, design, and development, I know it takes a team to build great user experiences and nothing great can be achieved without collaboration and shared responsibilities.

Outside of product design stuff, I enjoy traveling and I like to read, mostly the classics, but I also enjoy sci-fi and fantasy themes as well business & leadership non-fiction. I still like to play video games (PS5 and mobile/tablet) and enjoy watching movies at home rather than going to the theater.

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