User Research

Designers Need to Research

There have been many articles written on whether designers should learn to code. I believe it to be part of the craft, and something that will help you be a better designer by knowing the medium in which your designs are built. However, I feel user research is one skill that is more helpful to […]

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Beyond the Usability Test

For many design teams, customer support feedback, server logs, online surveys and possibly A/B testing are the only sources of user based data they may collect to guide their design efforts. It is great if a team is also conducting usability tests to improve their designs. Even if it is just before launch or to […]

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How many participants do you need for a usability test?

Quite a while back Jacob Nielsen published on his site an article suggesting that 5 users are enough to uncover most of the problems in an interface when user testing. There has actually been quite a lot of research on this subject. Over at the site by Jeff Sauro you can can read A […]

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