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Made Some Accessibility Updates

Well I’ll be honest, while I had checked some of the colors for the design of this site for color contrast accessibility, I had not done it for everything. I also had not even done basic accessibility checks on the overall page templates. So I spent some time this weekend working on those things. I used the excellent webaim wave accessibility evaluation tool.

Things should be improved now. However, I know until I get an actual person with an accessibility limitation to provide accessibility feedback, that it is still probably far from pleasant to browse my site here. The automated site checking tools only tell you the most basic of issues and do not give a full assessment of the actual experience, particularly for people who may use a screen reader.

Experience Design & Research Process

This is a high level diagram I created for use in communicating to stakeholders, project managers, and development teams how Product Experience Design and Research activities fit into an overall product / development process

a diagram of the product design life cycle with discovery, design, and development phases

Any User-Centered process is going to have
Discovery, Design, and Development phases as part of the cycle

There are many diagrams around the digital product design process that have been created over the last decade or more. There is the double diamond of the Design Thinking and the recent UX & Agile diagram by Jeff Gothelf. However, none of them really captured the entire cycle that ties previous development which is often the source or a starting point for new development.

Below is a pdf with details on design and research activities that might be used in each phase.

Download the Detailed Product Experience Design & Research Cycle PDF