UX Strategy & Vision

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Great user experiences are only achieved by focusing on the key opportunities and areas that your target audience needs. Creating a vision and setting achievable goals will guide your efforts. Only then can you establish a roadmap to designing and building a great experience.

Activities for developing a comprehensive UX strategy to achieve that vision include; interviews with internal stakeholders, reviewing business goals, analysis of the markets/industries and chief competitors, and conducting exploratory user research to gather behavioral based needs.

Activities and deliverables:

  • Perform internal research including; Interviews with business stakeholders, project team members as needed.
  • Conduct user research including; Ethnographic/field studies, contextual interviews, diary studies, and surveys.
  • Conduct heuristic & expert reviews of the existing platforms as well as those of chief competitors.
  • Collaboration with teams to refine the vision and how to best communicate the vision.
  • Develop a set of achievable goals that will point your teams in the right direction
  • Develop an overall UX roadmap that aligns with the product roadmap.

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