Personas and Journey Map for Retail Media Org

Project Details

Shortly after a new Chief Marketing Officer joined the organization, the UX team as tasked with coming up with updated personas and a customer journey map. I had just joined the organization and was tasked with getting up-to-speed coordinating with an external agency and then plan and conduct some of my own research to supplement.

The Team

  • 1 UX Researcher
  • 1 UX Research assistant
  • External UX research Agency
  • Stakeholders included: Director of UX, Sr Director of Product Management, Chief Marketing Officer

Activities and deliverables

  • Online & Ethnographic / Field Study (Agency)
  • Contextual Interviews (Conducted by me)

Project Sample



The new CMO had started a whole new effort to rebrand the org that had rebranded only two years prior. One of the main reasons for needing to rebrand was the launch of a new streaming product offering and it was felt that the existing brand, although not that old, did not differentiate us and did not provide a platform for the new offering.

Prior to my starting with the organization an external UX research agency was engaged to conduct online & ethnographic research on streaming media usage among existing customers. I took over coordinating and overseeing the work and participated in a couple of the in-home visits. One of the findings that came out of that research was that people often use streaming on their mobile devices while in their home.

I then planned and conducted a series of contextual interviews in our lab along with a designer assigned as a research assistant to help better understand how people consumed streaming media and better understand mobile usage as that was our largest segment of visitors to the current platform for the existing rentals of DVD/Blu-ray disks.

Journey map showing how people used different devices to watch movies and TVFrom the research I composed updated personas that focused on the behaviors of how people watched movies and TV especially on mobile as it was clear that is how people often initiated their use of our services prior to going to a box. I also created a combined journeymap that incorporated all the channels to give the design teams a better view of when people switch between channels.

Lessons Learned

For the research methodology I was able to set up a way to capture the screen of the mobile device to my laptop when attached via USB cable using an app called AndroidTool. I then also used an external webcam to capture the participants face and hand interactions with the device. This made it so they could hold the device naturally without a mobile webcam rig that would be attached to the mobile device as had been used in the past.

I had decided to create a combined journeymap that incorporated all the channels that people might experience including the new streaming service. This was so that the product & design teams would be encouraged think more holistically about the experience for future design efforts. The team would also be able to see how the experiences might overlap and affect each other.

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